Celebrate Recovery

When & Where do We Meet?

Every Thursday Night at New Hope in the HUB.
Large group meeting 7 PM
Small group meeting 8 PM
Childcare is available

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Our society is becoming more and more complex. Alcohlism, addictions of various kinds, anorexia, divorce, depression, and so much more often dominate our lives.

This is our reality. 20 years ago, Saddleback Church launched Celebrate Recovery with 43 people. It was designed as a program to help those struggling with hurts, habits and hang-ups by showing them the loving power of Jesus Christ through a recovery process. Celebrate Recovery has helped more than 17000 people at Saddleback, attracting over 70% of its members from outside the church. Eighty-five percent of the people who go through the program stay with the church and nearly half serve as church volunteers.

Celebrate Recovery is now in over 19,000 churches worldwide and New Hope is one of this amazing network that spans the globe!

Who Should Participate?

In Celebrate Recovery groups only one in three who participate in Celebrate Recovery are there for drugs and alcohol. So why are they there?

They want to celebrate their recovery from any kind of addictions — overeating, stress, worrying, sex, obsessive compulsiveness, anger, depression and a multitude of life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups. Be a part of this proven program that takes a Biblical approach to overcoming addiction.

The Celebrate Recovery program involves 8 principles from the beatitudes of the New Testament, and 12 biblical steps of recovery. This program is distinctly Christian, uncompromisingly biblical, and proven to work within the church. It has clearly brought people together to discover a new level of care, acceptance, trust and grace. And, for those who seek to mature spiritually, making better decisions that will help them become Christ-like in character.

“Welcome to the ‘Road to Recovery.’ You are in for an exciting and amazing journey as you take the hand of the true and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ, and walk with Him toward healing and serenity.”
— Pastor John Baker founder of Celebrate Recovery

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