Creative Arts

At New Hope we believe in celebrating God through the arts and thrive on finding new and creative ways to do so. We invite you to join us during one of our two weekly Sunday services. You’ll find the environment is friendly, the dress is very casual, and the music is modern and relevant to today’s culture. You are welcome to come as you are!

Got a passion to serve in our Creative Arts Department? We have a variety of places to serve:


WHAT WE DO: Remove distractions and create an environment which supports the message
TIME COMMITMENT: A rotating schedule of volunteers on Sunday mornings from 7:00 AM until the end of services. 


WHAT WE DO: Capture the history of New Hope Church through the lens of a camera.


WHAT WE DO:  Capture the attention of people through video for the purpose of sharing a message.


WHAT WE DO:  Use musical talents to break down barriers so people can experience God.
TIME COMMITMENT: Sundays 7:00am until the end of both services; Thursdays 6-8 PM;  1-2 hours of personal prep time each week


WHAT WE DO:  Provide arts in various forms (painting, dance, drama, etc) to glorify God.

Interested in serving in any of these areas? We’d love to talk with you! Email our Weekly Celebration Coordinator, Kiley Skor today at

If you are interested in serving on our Worship Team, please fill out the application below. 

Personal Information



Phone number:



Which New Hope service do you normally attend?

How long have you been attending?

I would like to serve as a…(check all that apply)
VocalistInstrumentalistTech TeamOther...please specify below


What position are you interested in trying out for?

VOCALISTS ONLY: What type of experience do you have?
What is your range? (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass)
Do you sing melody or can you sing harmony parts?
Can you pick out harmony parts by ear?

INSTRUMENTALISTS ONLY: What gear do you own?
What do you play? (List instruments played, skill level and years played)

TECH TEAM ONLY: List what you’re interested in participating in
(video, cameras, sound, lighting, etc). Do you have any previous experience?

FOR EVERYONE: What is your availability throughout the week?

Do you have any experience playing to a click track (metronome)?

Your Story

Briefly describe your relationship with Christ.

Why do you want to be a part of the worship team?

What will you do if you aren’t chosen?

If you have a link to a video (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) please enter it below so we can take a listen.

Note: We realize most people don't have the equipment to do a fully produced video. Any kind of video that would give a decent representation of you is sufficient, event from a smart phone or computer webcam. Music is very personal and we don't take your courage to send us a video lightly.


Worship Team Members – Login to Planning Center and Worship News HERE.


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