2017 Short Term Global Outreach Opportunities

Hephzibah Children’s Home
Purpose: To help maintain the orphanage, human trafficking safe house and shelter facilities.
Where: Macon, GA
When: March 4-12
Who: All ages who are able to do physical work inside and outside.
What: General maintenance, light construction, landscaping clean-up and interior cleaning/decorating.
Cost: $875 per person
Eastern Europe
Purpose: To work with children, teach English and prayer walk.
Where: Eastern European Countries
When: June 17-25
Who: Adults (18+) who love kids and are able to do lots of walking.
What: Put together lesson plan, teach children, daily prayer walks and more.
Cost: $2000 per person


It’s a simple yet powerful word that has been breathed into the lungs of every person who obey’s the Word of God.  “Go into all the world…” begins the words of the Great Commission.  For some, that may be a missions trip to an area that ministers to Native Americans or to a foreign country to bring God’s Word to cultures that rarely hear it spoken.  For some, “going” may mean reaching your neighbors.  Whatever “Go” looks like for you, we would love to talk to you about potential next steps.

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