Go Globally

Our Global Outreach Team Members are an amazing individuals and important extension of our team here at New Hope. Wherever they are at on the map, which covers a vast majority of the globe in places like Japan, Russia, Europe, Columbia, we are excited about how God is working.


Each year we have a weekend dedicated to our Global Team where we have 3 or 4 different places represented. They share what has been taking place where they live, stories and how we can be more a part of their efforts. It’s a great opportunity to rub shoulders with these amazing people and really get a sense of their hearts.  Each year we attempt to plan trips that allow us to be a focused part of what is going on. Those ranges from encouragement, a work project, prayer, camps and connecting with individuals they have connected with.


Whether it’s locally, regionally or globally we desire everyone at New Hope to be a part of a trip that focuses on one other these 3 areas.   You will grow and be challenged in new ways, allowing yourself to be stretched to see life from a different point of view.


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