I Have Decided: Follow Jesus

We are SO proud of the decision you have made.  Because of your decision…your eternal address has been changed!  We want to help you out with some next steps.  We don’t want to come stalk you at your house.  (We absolutely WONT do that)…we don’t want to spam you with email…we simply want to help you process your decision and give you some resources to connect with.  Would you take just a moment and fill out the information below so that we can rejoice with you?

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I have decided to follow Jesus - to accept the gift that Jesus gave on the Cross for ME. I know that I can't get to heaven by myself - and that it is ONLY through Him. Here is how you can pray for me in the coming days: (in the space below, please let us know how we can pray specifically for you. The information you share is ONLY shared with the pastors.)


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