Ministry Teams at New Hope

Feel compelled to serve at New Hope?  There are plenty of areas for you to volunteer – and all are important and vital to what we do on a daily and weekly basis.  Take a moment and browse the various categories below.  When you are done, visit the “Volunteer” page HERE for Step #2.



This team prepares the elements for Communion before weekend celebrations.


Do you have a warm smile and a friendly handshake?  We are looking for people to greet others at either the main entrance door or at the worship center entrance, pass out worship folders, and help collect the offering.

Connections Center

Get to know our first time guests and help plug people into New Hope!




Tech Team

Are you a technical ninja?  We could use your skills in a variety of areas!

  • Sound Team
  • Worship Lighting
  • Stage Tech
  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Camera Crew

Worship Band

Do you feel called to lead the church in the worship of our Creator by playing an instrument?  Consider joining the worship band!

Worship Vocals

Are you called to sing praises to our Creator in worship?  Consider joining one of our vocal teams!


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Stage Design

Got a knack for decor and design?  Handy with a skill saw and a hammer or have some decor ideas that would make Pinterest take notice?  We’d love to have you help us design, decorate, and build the many creative backdrops for our weekend teaching series.  We’re looking for people with creative ideas, decorating skills, building skills, and more!

Student Life

Have a passion for serving the youth of our community?  Serve in one of the following areas:

  • SL Worship
  • SL Behind The Scenes
  • SL Small Group Leader
  • SL Coffee Shop
  • SL Prayer Team
  • SL Leadership Team

Sunday Quest Kids

Love kids?  Team up with Quest Kids today!  Serve in an area of:

  • Nursery
  • Small Group Leader
  • Tech
  • Parent Greeter
  • Worship Leader
  • Larger Group leader/teacher


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Wednesday Quest Kids

Love kids (on Wednesday nights?)  Team up with Quest Kids today!  Serve in an area of:

  • Nursery
  • Small Group Leader
  • Tech
  • Parent Greeter
  • Worship Leader
  • Larger Group leader/teacher

Parking Host

Want to take a moment to be the first face our guests and faith family sees as they pull up in the parking lot of New Hope?  Got a great smile and love helping people safely find a parking spot?  Handy with an umbrella on a rainy day?  We’d love to have you as a Parking Host!

Missions Team

Are you an adult or a mature teen with a heart for missions and missionaries either here in the States or overseas?  Consider joining the Missions Team!


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Crisis Care Team

Have a heart for those who are in need?  The Crisis Team provides care, prayers, and/or meals for those who are facing a crisis.

Office Support Team

Do you have that special voice to answer phones?  Are you good at multi-tasking?  Can you help with clerical projects?  Do you like “giving” your talents to the Lord?  This has to be the place for you!

Guest Connections

We’re looking for a team of friendly people who would love to help personally connect with first and second time guests through emails, letters, and other creative connections.


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Relocation/Moving Team

Ready to join an “on-call” team that helps move those who are new to Williston in their homes?  This a great way to connect with newcomers to the community!

Snow Shoveling/Facilities

Do you like getting out of the house now and then and using your hands to “give” to God?  We are looking for people to assist us around the church with minor repairs, painting, snow shoveling, and special projects.

Special Event Team

Want to help with the many things that happen around our special events at New Hope?  We could use your help with one or all of the following:

  • Church On The Lawn
  • Hay Maze
  • Trunk Or Treat
  • Christmas Eve
  • Sledding Day
  • Easter


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Women’s Connections Team

Like to plan events?  Help us plan some creative events to connect the women of New Hope!

Drama Team

Use your acting skills to worship and engage people in both our weekend worship and student ministries!

Men’s Connections Team

Like to plan events?  Help us plan some truly awesome events to connect the men of New Hope!


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Funeral Meals Team

Want to help those in their time of need?  Help provide meals for funeral dinners that are hosted at New Hope.

Post-Service Greeters

Be an “undercover” greeter who intentionally seeks out guests after weekend celebrations in order to help them connect more deeply and feel welcome.

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