Our Mission

Our mission is very simple – in fact, it can be divided into three separate words that we call our “3G Statement”

Go | Grow | Give

 GO: Lost People Found
GROW: Found People Growing
GIVE: New Hope Impacting The World



So what do these words mean to us in our mission?

“Go”. It’s a simple yet powerful word that has been breathed into the lungs of every person who obey’s the Word of God. “Go into all the world…” begins the words of the Great Commission. For some, that may be a missions trip to an area that ministers to Native Americans or to a foreign country to bring God’s Word to cultures that rarely hear it spoken. For some, “going” may mean reaching your neighbors. Whatever “Go” looks like for you, we would love to talk to you about potential next steps.

Click here to learn more about “Go.”

Here at New Hope, we want to arm you with as many resources as possible to help you GROW and to help you enable others to grow as well.  Your personal growth may be very different from your neighbor’s growth.  Whether you grow by listening to teachings online, taking a “Spiritual Gifts Survey” or by joining a Small Group – we want to help you connect the dots…and “grow”.

Click here to learn more about how to “Grow.”

Giving isn’t always easy – it takes time, resources, and effort.  There are, however, many ways to give – and many types of givers.  How you are led to give today may be different from how you are led to give tomorrow.  How you are led may be different from how your neighbor is led to give.  We want to empower you with the resources to learn how you can give.

Click here to learn more about ways to “Give.”


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