Graduate Sunday.

If you are a student or have a student graduating this year, sign up for Graduate Sunday! We would love to recognize their achievement! 

Camp Details.


MID-HIGH: Completed grades 6th-8th, JUNE 10- 14

SEN-HIGH: Completed grades 9th-12th, JUNE 17-21

COST: $340/Camper. If your teen has volunteered this year in the church and/or events such as the soup and dessert auction they can get discounts on camp! Please email me at if you have any questions about this.

LOCATION: Cedar Canyon Camp, 5130 Memorial Road, Rapid City, SD 57702
New Hope will have transport to get teens there! More info about when we leave/get back will be sent out in June.

NH Students helps youth develop a knowledge of their identity in Christ, and also encourages students to put their faith in action. This is done by creating an environment that allows student to understand how faith in action applies to them, by encouraging students to develop a faith of their own, interesting messages, captivating and purposeful worship and transparent student leader weekly interactions. All of this helps to facilitate New Hope’s mission:
Go out into the world and preach the Gospel with words and actions.
Grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Give of their time and resources for the cause of Jesus Christ.

come hangout with us.

We meet every Wednesday night in the HUB!
Mid-high (6th-8th): 6:30-8 PM
Senior-high (9th-12th): 6:30-8 PM

Small Groups.

We believe that students grow in circles and not rows! While our large group time is an amazing platform for students to learn about Jesus, it is in Small Group that students get a chance to connect with their leaders, each other and Christ on a more intimate level. Small groups are available for each student based on grade and gender and they follow directly after our Large Group time on Wednesday nights. 

Sunday Mornings


NHWilliston: Sunday 9:30 and 11:15 AM
NHTioga: 10:30 AM

6:30 - 8 PM in the HUB

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